Eine der historischen Erklärungen des ersten Tages im Ridván-Garten im Jahr 1863 war, dass in der Religion Bahá’u’lláhs das Gesetz des Schwertes – Der Heilige Krieg – endgültig aufgehoben ist. Eine andere Erklärung war, dass der Glanz der Namen und Eigenschaften Gottes zu jener Stunde auf alles Erschaffene herabströmte. In einer Nacht während Seines Aufenthaltes […]

In improvising every day a new tune for some time, i came upon this music in 2010. At this time my friends in Iran suffered oppression in prison. While freedom is quite an unknown condition, and indeed one of the most misunderstood concepts in human history, every human being and living creature has an innate […]

In this second series of piano compositions I play selected pieces from my piano cycles: Momente (the second piece is dedicated to my daughter Pia), Die Leiter, Live in a Village and Poems. The collection begins with the single piece: Prelude and the 5th title is dedicated to Pablo, my son. Kosta Kontos mastered the […]

Poem by Valí’u’lláh Rezwani – melody by Irandocht Fosi Enayati …Those were precious days in the house of Irandocht Enayati and later in the recording studios in 1983 -1995.The music of Naghmeha is a blend of different styles like a beautiful carpet. This piece is from the first collection of Naghmeha-Group. We musicians had freedom to arrange […]