All things remind me of you

The Poems of the Passing, written shortly after the passing of the Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith, Shoghi Effendi Rabbani, have been published in 1996.

In 1937 Shoghi Effendi married Mary Sutherland Maxwell, who from that time on was known as Ruhiyyih Rabbani. After his passing, on 4th November 1957, Ruhiyyih Rabbani followed his advice to travel after his passing and promulgated the Bahá’í-teachings; she eventually visited 185 countries, independent territories and major islands of the world.

When i found the book i set a few poems to music. Ruhiyyih Rabbani heard of a concert recording of some of the poems, she wrote: „It is always encouraging to know that something that means a great deal to you personally, such as my Poems of the Passing obviously mean to me, has served to touch the hearts of other people as well… I am glad, that the poems can be shared with other people…“

The album All things remind me of you features Amelie Dziemba. It was recorded in the Hannover by Hrólfur Vagnsson in 2000. Konstantin Wienstroer plays the double bass at this session. Bidjan Sobhani produced the album in his own label.

Was it right, my love?
All things remind me of you
I gave you all i had, my Lord
The heart
The funeral
Say yes, my love
What is time and place to me?
My shroud
Into quietness