Fire and Light, Part II

In this second series of piano compositions I play selected pieces from my piano cycles: Momente (the second piece is dedicated to my daughter Pia), Die Leiter, Live in a Village and Poems. The collection begins with the single piece: Prelude and the 5th title is dedicated to Pablo, my son. Kosta Kontos mastered the home-recording of my Bösendorfer and arranged the sound. The music itself was not reworked in any way, it contains no cuts. Please note: Titles precede the audios.


Moment in es

Moment for Pia

Moment in c


Die Leiter, Ostinato in d

Die Leiter, Nr.1

Die Leiter, Nr.2

Die Leiter, Nr.3

Die Leiter, Nr.4

Die Leiter, Nr.5

Die Leiter, Nr.6

Die Leiter, Nr.7

Die Leiter, Nr.8

Die Leiter, Nr.9

Live in a village: Prolog

Live in a Village: The donkey

Live in a Village: In the language of ragtime players

Live in a Village: The Feast

Live in a Village: Marketplace

Live in a Village: Worksong

Poems No.1

Poems No.2

Poems No.3

Poems No.4

Poems No.5

Poems No.6