This prayer is sung by Djamschid Solouk-Saran and I composed the music in 1981 and recorded for a compilation of pieces by several Bahá’í-musicians. This project was produced by Petra Held and Amelie Dziemba on the occasion of the historical visit ‘Abdu’l-Bahás in 1913 to Stuttgart. (photo: Esslingen, a children’s feast)

A booklet of poems by Adelbert Mühlschlegel was presented to me in 1978. The album: Im Herzen glüht es was released in 2010, featuring Djamschid Solouk-Saran, voice; Oliver Rehmann, drums and Konstantin Wienstroer, double bass. Bidjan Sobhani found sponsors for the project, Pia Held designed the cover-art. The album has been recorded and mastered at […]

Youth is the heyday of life. Culture is redesigned by youth. The unique destiny of each youth becomes clear when he or she searches for the Light of Truth. Even in the physical world, every star is a sun, every galaxy has an unimaginable number of suns, and there is an unimaginable number of galaxies. […]

The Báb (1819) and Bahá’u’lláh (1817) were born in the 19th century. The album 200 Jahre is dedicated to the bicentenary of these messengers of God. Recitation: Rudolf Schmidt; Piano: Peter Held Recording: Ratingen, 1.10.16 /Hagen 24.-25.12.2016 Kosta Kontos: sound-engineer; Petra Held, piano-tuner; Pia Held: art-work; Peter Held: aquarell

The origin of the Universe is a well guarded secret. Fortunately, it is like a hidden treasure that can be recognised. To know and worship this origin is an inherent capability of human beings. The album creation contains words of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh about creation set to music, featuring Corinne Bahia, voice. Cover-art has […]

The Herold of the Bahá’í-Faith, a young merchant from Shiraz, whom history knows as the Báb, revealed an ocean of writings. He was born in 1819. The 200th Centenary of His Birth will be celebrated on October, 29th, 2019. For this occasion Rudolf Schmidt and I published an album of recitations & improvisations: Here you […]