setting Bahá’í-writings to music

We use words of a language to convey meaning. The word of God conveys a multitude of meanings and it is creative. I tried to set to music bahá’í-writings for the first time on the album ‘creation’, featuring Corinne Bahia:

In 1982 I became part of a group called Naghmeha, consisting of musicians from persian, greek and german background: Irandocht ‘Fosi’ Enayati founded the group. She had developed her own style of singing Bahá’í-writings and poetry and we arranged her melodies. Here is the text of this soul-stirring poem: Rashḥ-i-‘Amá 

Irandocht Enayati, Peter Held

I also tried to set to music texts in german language.

A collection of poems of Adelbert Mühlschlegel has been published in 2010 featuring Djamschid Solouk Saran.

The Poems of the Passing by Ruhiyyih Rabbani have been set to music in 2000, featuring Amelie Dziemba.

Here are two prayers of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

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